A Cold Summer

A Cold Summer

Release Date
October 1992


Original : After World War 3 the UK has been split into two warring factions, the Antarcticans and the Genoshans. The Genoshans want to rule the world. The Antarcticans just want to live in it. After the Antarcticans headquarters gets destroyed by the Genoshans, two men hatch a plan to save the survivors. They decide to move the survivors to Scotland where it will be safe. Only one problem, the Genoshans control a barrier that stretches right across the middle of the country. Our two heroes decide to travel ahead to destroy the barrier and allow safe passage.

Director’s Cut : The synopsis was changed slightly due to some clever editing and some additional bits. I removed the reference ‘Antarctican’, and just had the characters referred to as survivors. I also removed references to the moving of survivors to Scotland, and just turned the film into a simple revenge story having the 2 heros decide to just confront the Genoshans in a sort of ‘eye for an eye’ sake.

Riggs – Russell Spicer
Pav – Andy Gray
Johnson – Geoff Harmer
Siobhan – Nuriye Arslantas
Kieran – Jolyon Myers
Bob – Robert Holmes

Antarticans – Stuart Harmer, Steven Fairbank, Christopher Rebbeck, Richard Holmes and Debbie Mersh. Rebecca Rawlings (Director’s Cut Only)

Genoshans – Nick Dry, Robert Holmes, Christopher Rebbeck, Jolyon Myers, Geoff Harmer and Russell Spicer

Cinematography, Editing, Director – Geoff Harmer
Producers – Geoff Harmer, Russell Spicer, Andy Gray and Christopher Rebbeck
Based on an idea – Robert Holmes
Writer – Geoff Harmer
Music – Jolyon Myers
Visula FX – Jolyon Myers & Geoff Harmer

IAC’s London International Film and Video Festival 1993 (UK) – WINNER – Bronze Seal Award & Best Youth Action Movie of the Year Award


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