Addict : Director’s Cut

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This is an all-new cut of ‘Addict’ re-imagined from the ground up. New scenes, new music, new audio mix, new visual fx, and for the first time ever, graded in full colour. Featuring New Songs by South of Salem and Vanity Kills.

Disillusioned sales manager David Pettigrew is a man with an addictive personality. Addicted to smoking. Addicted to drinking. And increasingly addicted to darker vices. Haunted by his unrequited feelings for a married employee, he seeks distraction elsewhere and sets off down a destructive path that can only end badly … for everyone

David Pettigrew – Paul Anthony
Sarah – Jenny Mitchell
Kim – Stacy Hart
Graham – Andrew Coppin
John – Neil Thomas
Sally – Aine Smith
Dancer – Kayleigh Chant
Prostitute #1 – Marie D’Allison
Prostitute #2 – Heidi Loveridge
Prostitute #3 – Teagan O’Brien
Barmaid – Learne Forsyth
Security – Ellis Crewe-Candy

Director/Producer/Editor – Geoff Harmer
Associate Producers – Mark Brennan & Seb Hall
Story – Geoff Harmer & Mark Brennan
Cinematography – Carl Austin & Geoff Harmer
Sound Recording – Seb Hall & St Enyhol Zamora
Sound Editing & Mixing – Justin Wetherill
Visual FX – Tony Lymboura
Special FX – Jen Hayes
Make Up – Katie Gulley
Score – Justin Wetherill

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