Coming Soon

Below is a list of the projects that we’re working on that haven’t been completed yet. They’re either in the early stages of planning or almost ready for release.

The Experience – Currently in the scriptwriting stage of this experimental Horror/Comedy to be shot in 3D 180VR! More news coming soon.

Newlydeads – This film is busily being written by scriptwriter Peter Hearn. It’s going to be a Spooky Horror/Comedy in the same vein as Beetlejuice, Extra Ordinary and early Ealing Comedies.

Dead Air (Feature Film) – The script has been written, we’re really chuffed with it. Just looking for the right backing partners to enable us to get the feature-length version off the ground.

Frank’s Box – A short film set in the same universe as ‘Selfie’.

Death’s Door (Working Title) – In an early development stage, the story for this short film has been rattling around with us for a very long time. We’re very excited to be looking at getting this project finally into the next phase.

Angel of Saigon¬†– We’re teaming up with Indochina Films, to tell the true story behind a woman’s journey to Vietnam to work in an orphanage. Sizzle reel¬†complete, go check it out!

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