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Smile – A Review

Posted by in Uncategorized | February 04, 2018
Smile – A Review

 The fab people over at have done a great review of our latest short ‘Smile‘. Go check it out here!

New Dead Air Crowd Funding campaign

Posted by in Uncategorized | May 11, 2017
New Dead Air Crowd Funding campaign

The ‘Dead Air’ crowdfunding campaign is back in full swing! We’ve moved the campaign to IndieGoGo this time out, and have adjusted the amount that we need to raise. Go check it out here!
We have also set up a new Dead Air website! Go give it some love –
We are already 51% funded with just under a month left to go. We need all the help we can get to get this film fully funded. Please share or back us or both!

Dead Air Updates + Other Stuff

Posted by in Uncategorized | March 29, 2017
Dead Air Updates + Other Stuff

Frustratingly, Dead Air didn’t hit target on it’s crowd funding campaign the other week. But this is not the end, we are Delayed rather than Cancelled. The Dead Air team are working hard in the background to make sure we can make this film a reality, so stay tuned for more info coming soon!

Also, our latest short ‘Smile’ is nearly done! It’s currently being graded, then we are ready for the festival circuit!

Finally, ‘Selfie‘ is now available on Amazon Prime!

Crowd Funding – The Last Week!

Posted by in Uncategorized | March 13, 2017
Crowd Funding – The Last Week!

 We have just entered the last week of our crowd funding campaign. Please make sure you back us if you can. Click this link to find out more –

Dead Air Cast Announced

Posted by in Uncategorized | February 16, 2017
Dead Air Cast Announced

 The cast of Dead Air has now been announced. We have Stacy Hart (Get Real, Addict) as The Drummer, Charlie Bond (Vendetta, Strippers Vs Werewolves) as The Singer, Kate Marie Davies (Escape From Cannibal Farm, Dead Love) as The Bassist, Johanna Stanton (Nightmare Box, Smile) as The Guitarist, Dan Palmer (Stalled, My Bloody Banjo) as The Manager, David Schaal (The Inbetweeners, The Office) as The Pilot and James Hamer-Morton (My Bloody Banjo, The Fitzroy) as The Co-Pilot.
Can’t wait to get this film in flight! If you want to help us, make sure you click this link and pledge to our project!

Dead Air Crowd Funding has Begun!

Posted by in Uncategorized | February 14, 2017
Dead Air Crowd Funding has Begun!

Dead Air – Kickstarter Campaign

Posted by in Uncategorized | February 06, 2017
Dead Air – Kickstarter Campaign

 This weekend see’s the crowd-funding campaign kicking off for our next film – DEAD AIR

We’ll be posting the link to the campaign and going absolutely nuts about all the things we are doing for this film! In the meantime, follow the progress on our Twitter feed – @DeadAirMovie

More Official Selections for ‘Selfie’!

Posted by in Uncategorized | January 13, 2017

image1 Wow! 2017 has started off with a serious bang! Over the last couple of days we’ve received and additional 2 Official Selections for ‘Selfie’! The first is the ‘Paura International Film Festival of Terror’ in Spain with the second being the Stormy Weather Horror Fest in America. Let’s hope this keeps going!


Posted by in Uncategorized | January 06, 2017

smile-poster-v1-small So 2017 has kicked off with style for us, with ‘Selfie’ getting an Official Selection at ‘Horror at the Hooker’ in Vermont, USA. This is great news and we hope the film goes down a storm! We can also now show you the poster to our next short film ‘Smile’. The film is still in Post Production but is getting closer to being finished every day! We really can’t wait to show you this film. Also, we have the drama ‘Treble Clef’ in Post Production, currently in the edit. It’s shaping up nicely!
We’ve also started to prepare work on our next short film ‘Dead Air’, this is going to be HUGE! We held auditions recently for some of the main roles, and boy what a great cast we have coming together for this. We are preparing a Crowd Funding campaign for this, as we really wont to blow people away! And blow people away we will! Stay Tuned!

Latest Projects

Posted by in Uncategorized | November 10, 2016

img_1247va The last 2 months have been very busy for us! Very happy to say that we now have 2 films in post production. First up is a collaboration with Reverend Productions called ‘Treble Clef’, which is a romantic drama, about 2 people who fall for each other whilst hiding dark secrets.
The second film is ‘Smile’, which is a dark comedy about a woman suffering from violent daydreams.
Both films have now been shot are in the edit suites as we speak. Keep an eye out for further info as it comes along.