The Little Ones

Production Status
In Post-Production

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A bereaved woman, Amber, is repeatedly watching the final video sent to her by her fiancé before he died. He meant the world to her, they were all set to get married, buy their first house and have their first child. An electrical storm is raging overhead, causing havoc with all electrical devices in its wake. During which, an additional few minutes of footage is unlocked from the end of her fiancé’s video, revealing a shocking truth and setting events off down a horrific path.

Amber – Amber-Doig Thorne
Cassie – Annabella Rich
Jason – Chris Mills

Director/Editor – Geoff Harmer
Producers – Geoff Harmer & Peter Hearn
Writer – Peter Hearn
Executive Producers – Maggie Baran, David Williams & Jorge Mendonca
Cinematography – Nathan Mountain
Sound Recordist – Tyler Bryant-Lawton
1st AC/Production Assistant – Megan Townsend
Costumes – Helen Perry
Production Assistant – Kelly Runcie

A bunch of creative types from North Hampshire