A Darker Shade of Red

A Darker Shade of Red imdb

Release Date
November 2010

An estranged father returns to his old town to find his daughter.

John – Paul Kelly
Red – Kira Morgan
Louise – Abbie Love
Michael – Rob Bailey
Trixie – Charlotte Barnes
Kate – Stephanie Compton
James – Geoff Harmer
Dave – Ellis Crewe-Candy
Barman – Martin Palmer
Waiter – Trevor Pitman
Red’s Girls – Katy Davis, Marie D’Allison & Stacy Hart
Trixie’s Entourage – Harriet Brown & Ross Matthews
Man in Bushes – Robert Moir

Producer & Director – Robert Moir
Writers – Robert Moir & Harriet Brown
Cinematography – Geoff Harmer & James Plaistowe
Sound – James Plaistowe
Editor – Geoff Harmer
Music – Andy Bastow
Visual FX – Geoff Harmer

Red Carpet Screenings Film Festival 2010 (UK) – Official Selection
British International Amateur Film Festival 2011 (UK) – Official Selection – WINNER – 4 Star Award

Online Articles
Basingstoke Observer – 1st December 2010


Extended Promo Trailer

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