Room 4

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Release Date
April 2011

3 Friends go on an adventure to find out the answer to a rather interesting question.

Dave – Robert Moir
Doug – Ellis Crewe-Candy
Lisa – Stacy Hart
Madame – Charlotte Barnes
Lap Dancer – Kayleigh Chant
Wheybo Woman – Jen Hayes
Duke Puke’em – Seb Hall

Written, Edited, Produced & Directed by Geoff Harmer
Co-Produced by Mark Brennan
Cinematography by Carl Austin
Sound Recording by Seb Hall
Special FX by Jen Hayes
Production Assistants – Alice Dover & Katy Davis

Red Carpet Screenings International Film Festival 2011 (UK) – Official Selection – World Premiere
Sarnia Shorts Film Festival 2012 (Channel Islands) – Official Selection
British International Amateur Film Festival 2011 (UK) – Official Selection – WINNER – 4 Star Award
Goldene Diana Festival 2011 (Austria) – Official Selection – WINNER – Silber Diana Award
Talinn Internation Festival 2011 (Estonia) – Official Selection – WINNER
Eulenspiegeleien Festival 2012 (Germany) – Official Selection
Portobello Film Festival 2014 (UK) – Official Selection
Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2023 (UK) – Official Selection

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