Hellbent : A Hellraiser Chronicle

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Final Cut

Release Date
20th September 1993


The illegal drug supply in a small English town dries up, causing addict Whitfield to take desperate measures. On a cold turkey night, he comes across a tramp who offers him a box that offers endless possibilities.

Whitfield – Russel Spicer
Allan – Andy Gray
Dan – Nick Dry
Tramp/Friend – Christopher Rebbeck
Dakota – Geoff Harmer
Girlfriend – Nuriye Arslantas (Original Cut Only)
Corpse – Richard Parsons

Based on an Original Idea by Andy Gray & Russell Spicer
Written by Geoff Harmer
Cinematography & Editing by Geoff Harmer
Make Up by Russell Spicer & Geoff Harmer
Produced by Russell Spicer, Andy Gray, Christopher Rebbeck & Geoff Harmer
Directed by Geoff Harmer

IAC London International Film & Video Festival 1994 (UK) – Official Selection – WINNER – Bronze Seal Award
I-CON 27 New York 2008 (USA) – Official Selection

This film has been confirmed as the first ever Hellraiser Fan Film ever made, beating the rest of the pack by 11 years!
The opening credit sequence of the ‘Final Cut’ was donated by film maker R N Millward who directed ‘A Question of Faith’ in 2004.

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