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Triple bill

ADDICT : Director’s Cut – World Premiere

In May 2021, one of the best Horror Film Festivals in the world – Horror-On-Sea – will be screening not one, not two, but THREE of our films. We are completely beside ourselves with joy at the prospect of a fraught productions triple bill!

The films selected are;


And the WORLD PREMIERE of our Director’s Cut of ADDICT.

We honestly couldn’t be more excited! More news to come when it is announced.


We’re really excited to announce that ‘Dead Air’ will be screening at the Rock And Metal International Film Festival 2020! You can check their website for more info here!

Dead Air

We are excited to announce that ‘Dead Air’ is now online to stream via Amazon Prime!

Click the poster below to check it out!

BaiDeFest 2020

More exciting news fast in! ‘Dead Air’ has been officially selected for the BaiDeFest 2020 on the 6th November over in sunny Spain. The great thing about this event is that it is an actual physical event rather than a virtual one. Exciting times!

SOCO 2020

Really excited to announce that ‘Smile’ has WON First Place in the SoCo annual video competition 2020. We’re very excited about this, we just wish this pandemic wasn’t ruining it for us to have a screening in front of a lovely crowd!

Addict – 2020

Addict : Director’s Cut

Since the middle of march, this world has gone a little crazy. Here in the UK, we’ve been on lockdown for sometime. During this time we decided to set ourselves a project to keep us busy. Finally we can reveal what it is.

Addict : Director’s Cut

This new version has been re-edited from the ground up, with a new cut of the film, new scenes, and alternative takes.
We’ve had brand new Visual Effects completed, along with a brand spanking new Score and audio mix.
One of the biggest changes is that we’ve decided to use the full-colour version of the film, which has never been seen before.

We will soon be releasing a new trailer for this film, until then enjoy this new poster.

More news will be announced as it comes.

It’s all very exciting!

Crimson Screen

Today we can finally announce that we will be screening at the Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest in South Carolina, USA, during the weekend of 22nd-24th May 2020.
The event looks fab, and they even have a special guest in the one and only Alex Vincent from Child’s Play.
Check out their website for more info :