Really excited to announce that our latest short film ‘Blink’ starring the amazing Penelope Yeulet & Candice Palladino, will be released online as part of the BIFA Short Film Competition on the 15th April 2021.

Next Up!

Exciting times are ahead.

Our feature film ‘Addict‘ has been given a complete overhaul, going back to the original footage, re-edited, regraded, reframed, new visual fx, new score, new songs, new SFX, new audio mix… and now a new name! The film has now been given a new lease of life under the title ‘Hosticide‘.


We have just completed the script for our entry into the BIFA Short Film Competition. We have cast it, and rehearsals start very soon! The flick will be called ‘Blink‘ and our cast will be revealed soon!

Finally, the script has been completed for our 3D VR flick! We’re very excited! The film will be called ‘You Can Cancel At Any Time‘, and we have begun casting! More news coming soon!

Triple bill

ADDICT : Director’s Cut – World Premiere

In May 2021, one of the best Horror Film Festivals in the world – Horror-On-Sea – will be screening not one, not two, but THREE of our films. We are completely beside ourselves with joy at the prospect of a fraught productions triple bill!

The films selected are;


And the WORLD PREMIERE of our Director’s Cut of ADDICT.

We honestly couldn’t be more excited! More news to come when it is announced.


We’re really excited to announce that ‘Dead Air’ will be screening at the Rock And Metal International Film Festival 2020! You can check their website for more info here!

Dead Air

We are excited to announce that ‘Dead Air’ is now online to stream via Amazon Prime!

Click the poster below to check it out!

BaiDeFest 2020

More exciting news fast in! ‘Dead Air’ has been officially selected for the BaiDeFest 2020 on the 6th November over in sunny Spain. The great thing about this event is that it is an actual physical event rather than a virtual one. Exciting times!

SOCO 2020

Really excited to announce that ‘Smile’ has WON First Place in the SoCo annual video competition 2020. We’re very excited about this, we just wish this pandemic wasn’t ruining it for us to have a screening in front of a lovely crowd!

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