Behind the Scenes of ‘The Fitzroy’ – Update 1


Day 4 of filming on the sub was a hectic day for all the team working on the flick. We all met up at the Pier at 7.50am, with everyone boarding the sub by 8am. I was there trying to capture the work of all those involved, but when you are crammed in like sardines into a small submarine where space is a premium… it was a really hard job! But saying that, spirits were high and everyone was really enjoying themselves. The level of professionalism from all involved was superb, and their dedication and attention to detail will be testament to the final product.
The day went by so fast, that when the wrap call for the day was given i was really surprised to see my watch telling me it was 8pm!
I loved every minute of trying to capture the efforts of all involved, as well as being surrounded by such wonderful people.


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