Portobello Film Festival 2014 – Update

logo More news on what is screening and when at the Portobello Film Festival this year.
First up, ‘Karen’s Room’ get’s its screening on the 4th September as part of their Comedy Night.
‘Addict’ and ‘Room 4’, as well as ‘SoulMatrix’ and ‘Spooked’ by our friends over at Pork Chop Pictures, are part of their Video Cafe night on the 14th September, where you can select the films to be screened!
Pork Chop Pictures’ film ‘Fishcake’ is also being screened at the festival on the 12th September as part of their UK Indie selection.
We’re hoping the event is really successful and all of our films go down well with the audiences!

A copy of the event brochure can be downloaded here, which includes a still image from ‘Addict’!

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