May Update

 Lots has happened since our last post! We’re sorry for not keeping you all up to date! SO… here goes!

Crowd funding completed on Dead Air, and we hit target on one of the campaigns, but the last one we were off by a few grand. The good news is after some adjustments, we are still able to provide the film we want you to see, just minus our Hollywood Legend (amongst some other small things). You are still going to love it! The film was shot back in September 2017 and is currently in the edit suite being fine tuned. We’ve still got lots to do including shoot some exterior shots and a couple of cut aways, etc. We’re hoping we’ll be heading in to festivals before the year is out!

Our film Smile is now on the festival circuit with a bunch of official selections already under its wing as well as winning a 5 Star Award at BIAFF’18! Keep an eye out for it at a festival near you!

The film we worked on with Reverend Productions – Treble Clef – is now finally completed and is about to begin it’s festival run. We wish it all the success in the world!

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