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Addict is here!

Grabbed Frame 40

After nearly 2 years in the making, I’m REALLY happy to announce that our first feature film ‘Addict’ is done! This film is ready to set sail and start it’s journey!
I need to say a massive thank you to so many people, but right now, the person that needs a HUGE thank you is James Bell. He is the man behind the audio mix, that has just catapulted this film into a whole new level! He has spent many months of very hard work, getting all the audio right and all at his own personal expense. I’m just gobsmacked at how great this film sounds! So James… THANK YOU!

Competition Time

We’re looking for someone to come up with a Logo for us. We’ve never really had one, and it’s about time that we had a logo to represent Fraught Productions at the start of each film we produce. We also fancy getting some t-shirts made up and the odd commemorative mug or something! 🙂

For inspiration… think ‘order out of chaos’.

So get your thinking caps on and submit your entry via the Contact Us page on the site.

Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Closing Date : 10th May 2013.

Coming Together!

Grabbed Frame 119
Wow,  it’s all coming together!
I’ve just had the pleasure of hearing the final audio mixes for the two new additional scenes in ‘Addict’, as well as seeing some of the finalised FX work in ‘Karen’s Room’! Bring on the end of April! 🙂

Karen’s Room is coming too

Just so you don’t think that ‘Addict’ is the only film we’re working on! Our romantic comedy short film ‘Karen’s Room’ is also in the final stages of Post Production. We’re hoping to have it out there by the end of April 2013. April is going to be an exciting month for us! 🙂


New Project

Met up with Harriet Brown from ‘I Am Alice Productions’ this week. Talked about a new idea for a comedy. Very early days at the moment, but the concept is really funny… we just need to know where to take it from here. Stay Tuned.

Best Actor Nomination

We revealed last week that Paul Anthony’s performance in ‘Addict’ got himself a nomination for ‘Best Actor’ at BIAFF2013.
Unfortunately, he didn’t win the prize, but just to be nominated is such an honour.